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                                                                                                 BIOGRAPHY/ INSPIRATION / BACKGROUND 


Heike Lin Triebel is an award-winning artist from Germany, whose paintings have been exhibited in Monaco, Switzerland, the USA, Italy and Spain.


Heike LIN Triebel was born in Thuringia, she is now based in Berghausen, Germany. 

She studied graphic arts at the University of Erfurt and painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz. 


In her works she deals with issues of climate change and the protection of species.


Heike Lin Triebel's art lies in the fact that the subjects are not perceptible at first glance, we must discover them. 


Her artworks "come out" only after a careful look, we can say that in a certain sense the subjects are hidden.


The WILD HORSES and  LES AILES DE BLEU series features a setting that although it appears natural, becomes ethereal, as if to belong to another world.


The subjects of Heike Lin Triebel are dynamic, wanting to emphasize the strength and power of animals, as can also be seen in the WILD HORSES series.


The message of power conveys a message of urgency to the public: human beings are destroying the Earth itself and therefore the natural environments that guarantee the survival of animals, selfishly pursuing their own purposes, regardless of the consequences. 


The materiality of these works, the roughness and ripples, help to underline the dramatic veil that is hidden in these seemingly joyful works.



Triebel's striking abstract and figurative compositions are usually created with acrylic, oxidation, gauze, pigments and lacquer on canvas.


Heike Lin Triebel's art is characterized by a particular technique that makes her works instantly recognizable. The German artist makes a real layering of color. 


Layer after layer, the works acquire a certain depth and at the same time a feeling of transparency, to the point that they turn out to be immersed in water. 


The water is an essential element in the art of Heike Lin Triebel, which recurs in all her works and highlights the essentiality, often taken for granted and forgotten.





Matos Gallery, Valencia

Rosengarten, Hadamar




Altes Rathaus Limburg

Mercedes Otto Singhof,  Nastätten

Galerie Lahn Artists,  Laurenburg

Hyatt Regency, Mainz




Hyatt Regency,  Mainz

Altes Rathaus,  Limburg 




ARTe Wiesbaden

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery - Milan, Corso San Cottardo 18

(during the "KROMATIC@RT"Exhibition)


Artbox Gallery - Zürich, Gießereistrasse 1



Galeria Gaudì, Madrid, Calle de García de Paredes 76


Art Fair - Monaco, organised by Van Gogh Art Gallery


Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurt, 

Festhalle Trade Fair, Frankfurt GmbH VBU 14




Arizona Hall of Fame, Skydiving Museum - Eloy




Academie of Fine Arts - Mainz /Germany


"Die andere Seite" /Gruppenausstellung,  Wiesbaden

Heike Lin Triebel, THE ARTIST
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