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Heike LIN Triebel was born in Thuringia, she is now based in Berghausen, Germany. She began her artistic career very early: when she was just 10 years old she participated in her first exhibition. At the age of 17 she began a course of studies dedicated to art: she studied graphic arts at the University of Erfurt and she studied painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz. Her artistic production is inspired by the great European masters and by the culture of the "old" continent. Despite this, her studies abroad have allowed her to enrich herself and to learn about new styles and traditions. Heike’s art is like a mirror: it reflects what is happening in the world and the evolution of contemporary society.


Heike LIN Triebel is inspired by the colors, mostly shades of light blue and blue, as in the case of her series entitled "Wild Horses" consisting of nine paintings. Heike, then realizes material backgrounds through several superimposed layers of acrylic paint, varnish, gauze and oxidation media, approaching the Italian artist Alberto Burri. After an observation phase, the artist begins to paint the subjects that emerge naturally from cracks, spatulates and oxidations. As can be guessed from the title, from these blue backgrounds the artist brings out horses as main subject. The history of art is imbued with equine representations that often symbolize strength,

as in the case of the work of Umberto Boccioni "La città che sale" made in 1910; Horses are also subjects that can be used to represent anxiety as in the case of "The nightmare" by the romantic painter Johann H. Fussli or even more the horse par excellence: Selene’s horse of the Parthenon, kept at the British Museum in London. The most emblematic example of this series is the canvas entitled "Wild Horses IX" in which three horses impose themselves with power on the canvas. The force is perceptible by the movement: they seem to gallop among the impetuous waters of a stormy sea. The feeling is that the subjects tended to escape from the canvas, challenging the viewer through their straight and decisive looks.






Nastätten, Otto Singhof, Mercedes

Laurenburg, Lahn Artists


Limburg, Altes Rathaus



ARTe Wiesbaden

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery  - Milan, Corso San Gottardo 18 (during "KROMATIC@RT" exhibition)

Artbox Gallery - Zürich, Gießereistrasse 1


Discovery Art Fair - Frankfurt, Festhalle Messe Frankfurt GmbH VBU 14

Galerìa Gaudì - Madrid, Calle de García de Paredes 76

Monaco-Art Fair - organized by Van Gogh Art Gallery 


Arizona Hall of Fame Museum - Eloy


Mainz (Germany)


Wiesbaden (Germany)


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